Hi! I'm Simone Franco. I was born in Italy, year '97, in the beautiful Sicily. Yes: 🍕 Pizza, 🪕 Mandolino, 🕴 Mafia.

I've got a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering, and I love coding apps and games. On this website you'll find every work I do, just like a development blog.

In my free time I do web and app development, and I have studied C, C#, Java and Python. I also have some experience in web development, both frontend and backend, with Node. I'm expanding my knowledge to the almighty C++ at the moment.

I also spend my time playing videogames. My favourite games ever played are Minecraft, the Zero Escape series, Rocket League and No Man's Sky. I've started playing Sky: Children of the Light on Android, it's incredible.

In the past I used to write for, one of the most important videogame presses in Italy. I currently collaborate with, a Windows-related tech blog, and Inside Windows. Go pay them a visit if you're curious! :)

I'm always up for collaborations! I love spending time with people to create things, so please send me a message at if you want to talk to me :>

The main platform I use is Windows, so you'll probably find a lot of that here. I also use Android and iOS in my free time, and about all the commercial tech, so also keep an eye for those.

You can find me here:

Twitter: @simizfo
Telegram: @simizfo