string a = "WSATools";

Install any Android APK app package on Windows 11. It features explorer integration, so you can just double click an APK file and install it.

WSATools app installation page

This is made in UWP + a Win32 hidden companion, for the best native feel and experience in Windows 11.

This is meant to be a collection of tools to improve the Windows Subsystem for Android quality of life. It also features a backup tool for apps and data.

WSATools on GitHub

WSATools dedicated website

string b = "WoADialer";

Following the explosion in popularity of the incredible LumiaWOA project, that aimed to bring the full Desktop Windows 10 to the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, and the implementation of the cellular and phone call stack, I decided to put myself at work and provide an app with a graphical interface for that purpose.

WoADialer dial page

After the first public release, the project was open sourced on GitHub, several collaborators decided to partecipate and brought the app to the next level.

To my immense surprise and honour, the app was then included officially in the LumiaWOA project, and is installed natively.

WoADialer on GitHub

The LumiaWOA project

string c = "M3U/HLS Player";

An HLS player. Experimental: Allows to download videos in MP4, all client-side.

Uses hls.js, ffmpeg.js.

Open the HLS Player

string d = "Translated Apps";

I have translated several apps in Italian during the course of the years:

EarTrumpet (Windows) - Created by Rafael Rivera

Dynamic Theme (Windows) - Created by Christophe Lavalle

Ambie (Windows) - Created by @kid_jenius

Ink Workspace (Windows) - Created by @michalleptuch


string e = "Adventure Game";

Adventure Game is a prototype I made to try out some ideas I had in mind for a game.

Text driven game, terminal like graphics and a Matrix Green? Here you go!

string f = "Notepad U";

This was my very first publicly released app. I decided to release it, since I'm very proud of the actual result. The app will require the Anniversary Update installed (10.0.14393.x) to run. I decided to keep Xbox One support, in prevision of mouse/keyboard support to that platform, and also because Project Rome works really smooth to see content on that device.

Since this is a Universal Windows Platform app, it will run on Windows 10 PCs, Mobiles, Xbox One, and Hololens!

Here is a list of its main features:

- Create, read, edit .txt files

- Don't lose your files! The app features an autosave feature to prevent lose of work.

- Move and work on all your devices, using Project Rome, a new feature that lets you move your documents between your devices.

- A UI that resembles the old Win32 Notepad!

The app is now discontinued, but it's still available to be downloaded:

Notepad U on Windows Store

string g = "Project Eden";

Project Eden was a prototype survival game with top-down camera. Everything on screen was made by me: 3D models, graphics, interface, code development.

This prototype was created in Unity.

I also made an inventory and crafing system, that can be seen at work in the video even if I never made a graphical interface for them.