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Birthday: 28 June, 1997

Phone: +39 [redacted]



Twitter: @simizfo

About me, tweet-sized

I've always tried to keep myself a step ahead in the world of technology, in every form or shape it takes. My desire to be able to see what's next, new technology and progress push me to find the way to always innovate.


Università degli Studi di Palermo

Ingegneria Informatica e delle Telecomunicazioni (L-8)

Started right after finishing High School in 2016, I've been studying here until I've decided, having 4 exams left, to change my curriculum to a modern one.

2016 - 2021

Bachelor's Degree in Ingegneria dell'Innovazione per le Imprese Digitali (L-8)

Completed my Bachelor's Degree in this course. Graduated in October 2022, with 91/110.

2021 - 2022
High School

Classical High School

Convitto Nazionale "Giovanni Falcone" in Palermo. Graduated with 98/100. During these 5 years, I've been studying programming on my own.

2011 - 2016

Work Experiences

Bit S.p.A.

Junior full-stack developer

I started working for Bit S.p.A. in December 2022 as a Junior full-stack developer.

Bit S.p.A. is an IT consulting company that deals with software development, consulting and training. I've been assigned to a project where I worked on the backend with Java and on the frontend with the ExtJS framework.

Bit S.p.A. website

Among the most important activities I had the opportunity to participate in several go-lives of projects, developing support for integration with other softwares, releases on test and prod environments, and management of PostgreSQL databases.

2022 - Now

Independent Software Developer

Created and worked on the app "WSATools"

Developed the app 'WSATools', which reached 400.000 unique downloads in its first 10 months of availability, and was covered by most of the tech press websites around the world.

WSATools is a simple APK installer for Windows 11's Subsystem for Android, designed to be intuitive and to make the user instantly feel at home, following the Windows 11 Design Guidelines. It also adds explorer integration for APKs, and manages ADB on his own: the app takes care of everything for the user.

Go to the WSATools website

The app is written in C# + XAML on the .NET platform, using the Universal Windows Platform and a Win32 bridge.

2021 - Now
Other side projects

Part of the WOA Project - Developed WOADialer

Took part of the WOA Project, initially known as LumiaWOA, which brought Windows on ARM to the old Microsoft Lumia devices. I've worked on WOADialer, an app that was preinstalled with the driver set. The app allows for phone calls to work while inside the Windows Desktop OS. I've also worked on mantaining the official website for the project, and I wrote the guides.

The project then moved to port Windows on ARM to the Surface Duo phone. I've also made guides for that device on the official GitHub repository for the project.

LumiaWOA Homepage

WOAProject GitHub (includes WOADialer)

2017 - Now

Websites development

I've been working on various websites to help myself financially during these years. My own website is running on a Node.js server, and uses Express to render pages. WSATools's website is a static page hosted on GitHub Pages.

Then I've created various websites for different clients. is a website for a B&B, running on Node.js and Express. It has a MySQL database to hold the custom prices that the owners can set using a dedicated interface on the website.

I've been working with Wordpress too to help a doctor modernize (and now mantain) his own website , sometimes editing small PHP code to fit and customize a few plugins and pages.

2018 - Now

Google Coding Competitions

I've took part of Google Coding Competitions. Specifically, on three editions of Google's Hash Code, from 2020 to 2022.

2020 - 2022

Much more

I have a page on my website with all the side projects I've created during these last years.

Take a look!

2014 - Now


IT Skills

Programming Languages

C (Basics), C# (Advanced), Java (Advanced), Python (Advanced), R (Basics)

Web Programming: Node.js (Advanced), React (Basics), ExtJS (Advanced)


GitHub, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Static Web Apps, Heroku, Cloudflare, Google Search Console


MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Not categorized

Server setup and management, Bash, Git, Long time Windows experience, experience with various Linux-based distributions, Native Windows Apps development (C#-based, UWP and Windows Apps SDK), Uno Platform based apps, Local and Remote Networking basics.

Bonus section: weird things I've worked with

ZPLII and EPL2 printer languages 🎟️

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